Our “how we began” story root’s date back to 1979 when Engr. Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan inspired the idea of Arabian Consulting Engineering Center (ACEC) to perform general engineering & architectural services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Countries.

ACEC provides specialized consulting engineering services to the Oil & Gas (On/Off Shore), Chemical/Petrochemicals, Refining, Power/Cogeneration, Desalination, industrial and infrastructure sectors. ACEC team is unique, creative, innovation and highly skilled among engineering services consultants in the disciplines of civil/structural, electrical, instrumentation and controls, as well as in communications, piping, mechanical and process engineering supported by the IT, cost and scheduling, procurement and project management personnel.

Our steady growth comes from a deep belief in developing the people, systems and expertise required to focus on client needs. Today with over thirty years in business, more than 200 of professional personnel and many successfully executed projects, we are proud to become one of the pioneer engineering companies in the kingdom.
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